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It’s All About Coming Together As One Community

United Way at Super Bowl Experience - View of booth from above

I was a part of the United Way booth at Super Bowl Experience on Sunday evening. Giving up a quiet Sunday evening at home was tough; I usually watch 60 Minutes, make a nice dinner and turn in early. And I’m not a huge football fan. But I rallied, and I went.

I was given a fun job (for me): greet people who stopped by and share the opportunity to support United Way and our Character Playbook program, run in partnership with the NFL.

By the end of the evening I realized that there are a lot of people who care about football AND making our community a better place for our community’s young people. And there were so many people who wanted to give $10 to support youth in our community and have an opportunity to win Super Bowl tickets.

There was the over-the-road truck driver who stopped by on his way to a faraway destination. The mom who had been house-bound for five days because her kids had just had the flu—and now they were better! There were the dads who wanted to take their son or daughter to the Super Bowl, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. There was the young couple on a first date, with hopes of a second.

I realized that football and the Super Bowl bring so many people together. On Sunday night, it was about the love of football and the hope for a brighter future for our community’s young people.

VP Foundations and Special Initiatives Chad Brown

Chad Brown is the vice president of Foundations & Special Initiatives at Greater Twin Cities United Way. He currently leads the foundation relations area and is a passionate community connector.

Follow Chad on Twitter: @chad_brown

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