Dakota Electric Association
Dakota Electric Association Winner of the 2012 Best Volunteer Involvement Award, Dakota Electric Association


Group volunteer activities during your campaign is one of the most effective ways to increase participation.

Did you know Americans who volunteer their time and skills to nonprofit organizations donate an average of 10 times more money to charity than people who don't volunteer? source

Volunteering provides opportunities for everyone on your staff to participate in the campaign, provides an important resource for local agencies and helps educate and engage individuals with United Way's work in the community. 

Volunteer United is ready to find the perfect volunteer opportunity for your team; search online or call 612-340-7440. 

Order LIVE UNITED T-shirts for all employees that volunteer. Visit the Volunteer United website to learn more!

Pre-determined Projects

United Way's Volunteer United Program has hundreds of opportunities already laid out for you to choose from. You can have one volunteer or hundreds, just search for projects that interest you. You can search by location, subject or agency.

Specialized Projects

Not sure where to get started? Do you have specific requirements and want to talk to a Volunteer United staff member? No problem! You can contact Volunteer United directly by email or phone, 612-340-7440. The Volunteer United team is great at helping you create a project that is perfect for your employees!