Imagine a community where every child has access to an education that will prepare him or her for a living-wage job. Imagine a safety net that not only catches people when they fall, but provides them with a pathway out of poverty. Imagine a community where exceptional social service organizations, the private sector and the public sector work together to do what none can accomplish alone: To permanently alter the course of our persistent inequities and improve our region’s quality of life for good.

Through your generous support, Greater Twin Cities United Way is enabling the community to achieve this vision. We are identifying and funding the social service programs that best meet our most pressing needs. We are coordinating solutions for lasting change. Enclosed with this letter is our 2013 Community Results report which measures our progress against 10 community goals and provides highlights of our work in systems change and innovation.

We are particularly excited about our upcoming Centennial year in 2015. In preparation, we recently completed a deep assessment of how we can achieve even greater impact in our region for those most in need, which included speaking with 1,000 donors and community and corporate leaders throughout the region. What we heard is what we know to be true, and why we believe you support our work: Only United Way’s comprehensive view and coordinated approach can help to solve the toughest challenges we face in the Twin Cities region.

Greater Twin Cities United Way is one of the largest and most effective United Ways in the country (and the world!). We look forward to working with each of you—donor, partner agency, company leader—to strengthen our community for all.

Thank you for saying yes to helping every child succeed and helping every family get ahead, so our whole community thrives.             


Sarah Caruso

John Wilgers

United Way President & CEO

United Way Board Chair; Managing Partner, Ernst & Young LLP


Photos by Wing Young Huie