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About Us

We exist to fuel lasting change that will help us achieve our vision of a community where all people thrive regardless of income, race or place.

Our Mission

We live in a world where divisions, disparity and poverty affect everyone. There are many ways to solve problems, but when we unite as changemakers we can disrupt systems, unlock human potential, change narratives, create equitable solutions and advocate for policies that result in lasting change.

It is our mission to unite these changemakers, advocate for social good and develop solutions to address the challenges no one can solve alone.

Our Values

Equity is just and fair inclusion into a society which all can participate, prosper and reach their full potential.

Transparency is a consistent commitment to being authentic and accountable to each other as a community by honoring known truth, input and feedback. Transparency is bold and honest disclosure as appropriate. Transparency creates space for questions, dialogue, open listening, free from hidden agendas and negative consequences. Transparency results in clear expectations and an increased sense of credibility and trust.clear expectations and an increased sense of credibility and trust.

Agility is the ability to anticipate, respond and adapt to evolving changes in our work and the communities we serve. Agility is the willingness to take actions and calculated risks with good intentions, capitalizing our successes and learning from our mistakes. Agility results in actions that are focused, innovative, flexible and effective.

Collaboration is a courageous and dynamic approach to achieving goals. Collaboration is grounded in the evidence that the best outcomes are inclusive of multiple perspectives, capabilities and continuous, respectful feedback. Collaboration results in shared learning that guides decision making and actions to achieve the best outcomes.

Areas of Impact

By thoughtfully and intentionally investing in solutions that address housing stability, educational success and economic opportunity, we can make a lasting and transformative impact throughout the Greater Twin Cities.

Housing Stability

All instances of homelessness and hunger will be rare, brief and nonrecurring.

To achieve this vision, we support and advocate for eviction policy reform, wraparound social services, access to nutritious meals and housing assistance.

Educational Success

All children will be prepared to thrive academically, personally and socially.

To make an impact in this area, we work to protect, advance and expand early childhood, after school, summer youth and career pathway programs.

Economic Opportunity

All adults will have the opportunity to participate in the workforce and advance toward family-sustaining wages.

In this area we seek to remove systemic barriers that keep families and individuals from achieving economic independence.

Our Leadership

Each member of our leadership team is dedicated to guiding the organization toward our vision of a community where all thrive.

More on Who We Are

2020 Our Community Impact. Image of parents and their daughter sitting in a park.

Annual Community Impact Report

Each year, as part of our commitment to transparency, we share the work we’re doing through our Community Impact Report. In it, you’ll find data, insights and stories about the progress we’ve made in serving our community thanks to our generous donors, dedicated volunteers, and nonprofit and business partnerships.

2019 United Way Community Report ›
2018 United Way Community Report ›

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