Diversity & Inclusion

We recognize that equity is not only a moral and economic imperative for our community, but that it is central to our mission of uniting caring people to build pathways out of poverty.

We focus on promoting an inclusive environment where everyone respects and values the contributions of all people. We come from different backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives to enrich and strengthen the quality of our work and the success of our community.

Staff Members Working Together

Working Together

We are committed to joining together, believing in the potency of inclusion and building from a common bond of humanity.

Common Goals at Action Day

Common Goals

We strive together to empower people to reach shared goals while summoning the grace to sustain them.

Table Conversation at Training

Recognize Complexity

We embrace complexity as cause for collaboration, accepting that our fates are inextricable.

Agency Execuative Event Attendees

Guided by Experience

We understand that to move forward we are required to understand the past, without being trapped in it; embrace the present, without being constrained by it; and look to the future, guided by the hopes and courage of others.

We recognize that we don’t have all the answers.  We also recognize the importance of finding solutions grounded in strength, resourcefulness, and lived experiences:

  • Continue community conversations large and small through our equity and community forums, through smaller convenings, and through one-one-one conversations with our neighbors.
  • Recruit and hire people of color, diverse backgrounds and all abilities for staff and board positions, and provide staff and leaders with learnings and tools to challenge our unconscious bias.
  • Identify and adjust our grant making; investing in organizations run for and by communities of color in our initiatives and multi-year funding.
  • Work with community to identify and support American Indian leaders and leaders of color, offering United Way’s position in the community to amplify and promote the amazing work they are already doing.
  • Live our core values, specifically inclusion; building inclusive practices and processes at all levels of our organization.
  • Reach out to all abilities and support their potential to create value and be valued.
  • Support our Multicultural Business and LGTBQ Networks.
Staff at Action Day

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