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A “Well” of Inspiration

Did you know every year more than 2,000 local organizations, from small to large, help us create positive change in our community? Our company partners are a highly valued and critical part of our mission, investing their time through rewarding, team-building volunteer projects and their dollars through United Way workplace campaigns.

For the ninth consecutive year, Wells Fargo led United Way’s largest workplace giving campaign, providing a five million dollar grant to fight hunger and an 18 million dollar grant to boost our employment work. A consistent characteristic of Wells Fargo’s involvement with the United Way over the years has been employee engagement. In addition to their full-time job duties, people choose to take on United Way roles within Wells Fargo on committees and boards. In their own words, here is why employees choose to get—and stay—involved.

“I volunteer with the Greater Twin Cities United Way because I see the need—growing up, my mom was a single mom and worked hard to put herself through college and become self-sufficient. It’s everyday people that fall on hard times, not always the extreme scenarios you think of. I also do it because I have high respect for United Way’s vetting process for grantees—they make sure dollars are spent the way they are intended so they make the biggest impact in the community.”

Holly Witthuhn, Program Manager with Enterprise IT Group and Community Support Campaign member, Leaders in Giving co-chair, 23 years at Wells Fargo

“My father worked at Wells Fargo for over 30 years and was very involved with United Way, running the statewide campaign. When I was just 23 in my second year at Wells Fargo, he told me to get involved and I listened! I recently co-chaired our new hire leadership event, which introduced employees to our culture of giving back. It made me feel really warm inside seeing people who had just been here for a short amount of time start to engage with United Way. It reassures me there are good-hearted people in the world and what I am doing is making a difference.”

Bill Reichert, Sales Supervisor/Manager and Take the Next Step leadership program chair, 8 years at Wells Fargo

“Being in a leadership role at Wells Fargo, I think it’s my responsibility to create excitement for my team members to want to participate in the community. I take that responsibility very seriously because I believe giving back changes us as individuals and as a company. That’s why I am involved with Women United and have served as a committee member for the Women in Giving event. It fulfills the desire I have to pay it forward as a female leader.”

Autumn Way, Region Bank President and Women United Women in Giving committee, 20 years at Wells Fargo

“My mom was a United Way volunteer leader when I was growing up, and she taught me that giving back is not optional– it’s something you do when you’re able to. I love giving back, and love that our United Way partnership aligns with Wells Fargo’s core areas of volunteerism like financial literacy, job training, and employment. These issues may not be the flashiest or get the most attention, but they are really critical needs in our community.”

Liz Nelson, Business Initiatives Consultant and Minnesota Volunteer Chapter President, 12 years

Inspired? You and your team can volunteer, partner, fundraise, or do any combination of these—our team is ready to help you set up a successful workplace campaign. We know that every company is different and will help customize your messaging and activities to keep everyone engaged and excited about contributing to our community. To get involved, visit our Company Partners page.

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