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What can I give? My Women United story

I was having one of those existential dilemmas when I first heard about Women United three years ago. I joined because I wanted to give something. I stayed because I had more to give.

Posted 5/21/15 by Monica Wiant | Read More | Comments

I’m fundraising for Arise Project on Give OUT Day because…

Discover why United Way Arise Project's 'Givenators' are raising money to end youth homelessness in the Twin Cities.

Posted 5/14/15 by Amanda Simmer | Read More | Comments

Bright Colors Make Summer Better for Kids in Need

Find out how Liz and other United Way staffers are keeping the art shelves stocked and the creativity flowing for kids at partner program Waite House.

Posted 5/8/15 by Liz Anderson | Read More | Comments